Land Rover Defender Soft Top Beach Runner

This low mileage Land Rover Defender is sold.

Features Land Rover Defender Soft Top

Make & Model: Land Rover Defender 110 Soft Top
Condition: Restored
Year: 1985
Engine: V8
Mileage: 9.000 original km (5.593 original miles)
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Paint: Russet Brown
Vehicle Title: Clean and clear FL Title
Location: Miami, FL

Land Rover Defender 110 Soft Top

You can drive to the beach or go to the mountains with this awesome beach truck! The original matching numbers 3.5 liter V8 motor is in perfect condition and sounds fantastic through its new stainless sports exhaust.

The base for this project was a one-owner left-hand drive 110 station wagon with 8600 documented kilometers on the clock. We have taken the body down to the frame. As all our restored cars, all panels were taken apart and sprayed separately.

First of all, the frame was cleaned, treated with an anti-rust coating and finished with stone-chip protection. Then, all body panels were painted professionally in the Land Rover color Russett Brown which is the cars original factory-delivered color. 

The body was put back together with new seals and rubbers. Additionally, all nuts, bolts and washers were zinc plated and are new as well as all bearings and brakes. On top of everything, you will enjoy a firm suspension which has new springs and new KONI shocks. 

We fitted a New Take Off (NTO) rear tub from a Puma 110 with stepped arches, as a result, the original Puma second row and forward facing rear seats in the back would fit the Land Rover soft top. The Defender has a complete NTO Puma Modus (textile) upholstery so you wouldn’t burn your bum, arms or back when you drive topless.

The new Mohair soft top has clear windows, opening sides at the rear and is supported by a Heavy Duty galvanized frame. The carpet set is brand new. To finish it off, all door cards have been professionally re-upholstered with Alcantara. The side-swing tailgate has a custom-made door card also with Alcantara. 

New LED lights all-round except for the original headlights, also the NAS style front bumper has LED lights. The new KBX grill and headlight surrounds are painted satin black, as well as the side arches. This beautiful 110 sits on NTO 16-inch SVX wheels and the Tomb Raider style sidebars are finishing up this badass look.

Be different and own this beautiful like new beach runner Defender today!

This Land Rover is sold.

Portofino Red Land Rover D110

1985 Land Rover Defender 110 V8

This Land Rover Defender is sold.

Features low mileage Land Rover Defender

Make & Model: Land Rover Defender 110
Condition: Restored
Year: 1985
Engine: V8
Mileage: 21200 km (13250 miles)
Transmission: Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Paint: Portofino Red with deep black 
Vehicle Title: Clean and clear Florida Title
Location: Weston, FL

Description low mileage Land Rover Defender

Buy yourself a factory original Land Rover Defender 110, left-hand drive 5-door station wagon with a V8 motor. It has a stunning low mileage of 13073 original miles. 

The D110 has been taken apart and a lot of work has been done to it. First of all the body panels are sprayed separately in the beautiful colors Portofino Red and deep black. Second, the bottom has a full stone-chip protection coating to make sure the car stays this nice. Then we reassembled the Land Rover Defender again.

You can ride in style with ”16 Sawtooth Alloy wheels and General Grabber AT2 tires and a great sound coming from the new stainless steel Sport exhaust with headers. All the technical maintenance is done with new fluids and filters.

You can enjoy a clean Defender with all new rubbers and seals and a full new carpet set. The new owner can also enjoy a little more silence because of the extra soundproofing. 

Is this your next drive? 

The Land Rover D110 is sold.



low mileage land rover Defender

1987 Land Rover Defender 110 firetruck

This Land Rover Firetruck is sold.

Features Land Rover Defender firetruck

Make & Model: Land Rover Defender 110
Condition: Used 
Year: 1987
Engine: V8
Mileage: 20.950 km (13.000 miles)
Transmission: Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Paint: Firetruck red
Vehicle Title: clean Miami, FL
Location: Miami, FL

Description Land Rover Defender firetruck

This is something for the collector! A super cool Defender 110 V8 firetruck. 

This Land Rover Defender firetruck was in active duty until a few weeks ago. Even the blue lights still work!

A few of the benefits of this truck are that it has always been kept inside, cared for and driven on a weekly basis around the block to keep it ready for when duty called. This is also the reason why there is no rust on the car.

This pretty rare truck drives like new. You can get in and enjoy! The Land Rover Defender 110 has been checked and fully serviced, all fluids, oils and filters have been changed. You will drive a safe and fun truck with your family or friends.

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This Land Rover Defender Firetruck is sold.

Land Rover Defender hicap pickup

Low mileage Defender 110 Pick up

This low mileage Defender is sold.

Features Land Rover Defender

Condition: Restored
Make & Model: Land Rover High capacity Pick Up
Year: 1989
Engine: V8 
Mileage: 29.000 original km (18.000 miles)
Transmission: Manual
Fuel type: Petrol
Paint: Kaikura Stone body with Autobiography Black Pearl
Vehicle Title: clean Florida Title

Description low mileage Defender

The base is an original 1989 factory left hand drive Land Rover Defender 110 HCPU V8 with only 18.000 documented original miles on the clock. A Fire Department owned this low mileage Defender, therefore always had the proper maintenance and has always been stored inside.

You can own this low mileage Defender which is in more than great condition. The Defender is absolutely rust-free and dent free. The truck has been taken down to the chassis. Also a lot of parts are new or built to perfection. This is the best combination of a loading bed and riding in style. And who doesn’t like the pick up?

The work that has been done to this low mileage Defender pick up is:

– Body has been taken apart and every panel has been sprayed separately
– New 2014 Land Rover colors; Kaikura Stone body with Autobiography Black Pearl
– The rust-free chassis has been steam-cleaned and treated with anti rust body-coat
– New wheels and tires
– New windscreen
– All new seals and rubbers
– A new Custom fitted Safety Devices rollcage
– New rear weel arches
– New diamond plate on fenders and sills
– New rebuilt gearbox (Ashcroft)
– New rebuilt transferbox (Ashcroft)
– Fitted with system for trailer with air-brakes
– New Puma seats
– New Puma hood
– New Line-X bedcoating
– Dark tinted windows
– New black headliner
– New American style lenses
– Heavy duty suspension

This low mileage Defender is sold.