1997 Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi

d110 red exfire sold

Features Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi

Make & Model: Land Rover 110 Stationwagon
Condition: very good
Year: 1997
Engine: 2.5 Diesel 300TDI
Mileage: 37.000 km ( 23.000 miles)
Transmission: 5-speed Manual
Fuel type: Diesel
Paint: Portofino red
Vehicle Title: Dutch
Location: Nederhorst den Berg

Land Rover Defender 110 Stationwagon low mileage

This cool 110 has been sold!

This lovely left hand drive D110 with the strong 300tdi engine just came in and we will take pictures soon. The 110 came from its first owner and has only done an incrfedible 37.000 km!
This car has a large roofrack and a strong winch.

If you would like to own this cool Land Rover, please send us an email or give us a call to talk through the details.